Tue, 23/02/2016, 09:34 GMT+7
Petrovietnam leader sends New Year Greeting to Phu My Fertilizer Plant
On 12th February afternoon (5th day of Lunar New Year), Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang, Petrovietnam Vice President visited and sent New Year greeting to the laborers of PVFCCo in general and Phu My Fertilizer Plant in particular.

Joining the working group were Mr. Tran Ngoc Dzung, Standing Vice Chairman of Petrovietnam Trade Union. PVFCCo was represented by Mr. Le Cu Tan - Chairman of BOD, Mr. Tu Cuong - Deputy General Director cum Party Secretary of the Plant, Mr. Tong Xuan Phong, Chairman of the Trade Unit, Mr. Duong Tri Hoi, Deputy General Director and representatives from the divisions under the Corporation and its member units.


pho tgd pvn chuc tet tai nha may dam phu my

Deputy General Director Nguyen Sinh Khang and the working group visited Phu My Fertilizer Plant for New Year Greeting


At the New Year meeting, on behalf of Petrovietnam, Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang sent New Year greeting to staff and laborers of PVFCCo and Phu My Fertilizer Plant.


He said “In 2015, Petrovietnamhas overcome big difficulties and fulfilled the assigned tasks with great contribution of PVFCCo and Phu My Fertilizer Plant. On behalf of the Group, I recognize and appreciate such efforts of PVFCCo team”.


According to Mr. Nguyen Sinh Khang, 2016 will be a tough year to Petrovietnam. He hoped that with the unity and efforts, PVFCCo and the Plant team would continue fulfilling and overfulling the plan, ensure the safe, effective production and business activities and development.


The Vice President and the working group directly spent time for site visit and sent New Year Greeting to those working in the Technology Zone of the Plant.


The Plant’s leader expressed sincere thanks to Petrovietnamleaders, especially Vice President Nguyen Sinh Khang for visitting, sending New Year greeting and encouragement to employees working at Phu My Fertilizer Plant; also promised to fulfill plans and tasks assigned by the Corporation and the Group in 2016.