Fri, 16/09/2016, 12:12 GMT+7
Lauching "PetroVietnam intellectual and cultural journey"
PetroVietnam Culture Week has been launched to celebrate 41 years of establishment of PetroVietnam (03/09/1975 - 03/09/2016), towards 55 years of Traditional Day of the Oil and Gas Industry (27/11/1961 - 27/11/2016) and 25 years of establishment of PetroVietnam Trade Union (16/12/1991 – 16/12/2016).

During the past 55 years, to realize Uncle Ho’s great desire, the "fire seekers", from the sites in big cities to mountainous areas and remote islands, have made tireless efforts, overcome difficulties with determination. So many people have devoted quietly with loss and even separation on the journey to seek fire. Nevertheless, nothing can stop the burning fire in the heart of PetroVietnam staffs who always keep belief with firm footsteps on the tireless 55-year journey.


khoi dong hanh trinh tri tue va van hoa petrovietnam

Opening ceremony of PetroVietnam Cultural Week 2015


Accompanying the Group in 25 years of establishment, growth and development, PetroVietnam Trade Union has always strived to protect the legitimate rights and interests, taken a good care of material and spiritual life for the employees, been creative, innovative, pioneer in many areas, launched emulation for successful completion of tasks, promoted the cultural - art - sport - women's work - social security movements...increasingly become reliable mainstay for the officials and employees of the oil and gas industry.


For innovation and efficiency of propagation and dissemination, political and ideological education as well as increased understanding of PetroVietnam officials and employees so that they can be proud of the Tradition - Bravery - Intelligence - Culture of PetroVietnam workers, the Trade Union will organize "PetroVietnam intellectual & cultural journey" program (1st time in 2016) and opening of the 9th PetroVietnam Cultural Week on 28th August 2016.


"PetroVietnam intellectual & cultural journey" reflects the intelligence & culture of the officials and employees in the units under the Group through understanding of the culture, achievements, milestones in the development process of the Group; guidelines, policies and important events of the Group; enhancing knowledge of the processes, regulations and professional skills of the unit, understanding of the cultural, social, historical, economic, political knowledge...of Vietnam; creating spacious, fair, helpful playground, enhancing exchanges and solidarity. It is a meaningful cultural activity that enriches and enhances the spiritual life of PetroVietnam officials and employees, contributes to building the corporate culture of Petrovietnam.


The program also aims to innovate in terms of the form, improve efficiency of propaganda by maximum application of information technology, response to Resolution No. 2809/NQ-DKVN dated 12th May 2016 of PVN Board of Directors approving the Program on thrift practice and waste combat in 2016 of Petrovietnam.


First part of the journey is online competition expected to be held on the working days from 5th September 2016 to 14th October 2016 (30 working days).


For individual test, it is required that at 10 o’clock daily, the "PetroVietnam intellectual & cultural journey” Competition Organizing Committee will send email notification/recall of website address of PetroVietnam Trade Union ( that provides the link for multiple-choice questions to the trade unions of the units. Then the affiliated trade unions will send email to all union members of the units and post it on the intranet of the units (if any).


From 11 to 13 o’clock of the test days, multiple-choice questions software on the website of PetroVietnam Trade Union ( with the link to questionnaire is opened so that employees of the units access and answer the questions. Based on e-mail address, each employee is permitted to answer only 1 time per day.


The "PetroVietnam intellectual & cultural journey" online questionnaire is posted daily on the website with 5 multiple choice questions on such topics as history of development, production and business, petroleum culture & union activities; each question has 4 answer choices. Once entering the link, the participants have 60 seconds to answer the five questions.


The Organizing Committee will select and award 10 winners who give most correct answers in the shortest time and send as early as possible. The results will be announced on the website before 9am of the next day.


Each officer and employee can join to answer questions on all competition days in order to receive many awards on different days.


After the round of individual test, the Organizing Committee will select 12 winning teams that enter the final round of "PetroVietnam intellectual & cultural journey" competition organized on 55th anniversary of the Traditional Day of the Oil and Gas Industry (27/11/1961 – 27/11/2016) and 25th anniversary of establishment of PetroVietnam Trade Union (16/12/1991 – 16/12/2016).


In the final round, each union under PetroVietnam Trade Union sends a team of five people to participate (with at least 2 female people). The teams will compete at the video-conference locations: the Petroleum Institute/18 Lang Ha for the trade unions of the Northern and Central region and Vung Tau for the trade unions of the Southern region.


The competition of the teams will be controlled via the internet, video conference and software installed on the computer. The teams answer questions through a system of network connection computers.


The final round of "PetroVietnam intellectual and cultural journey" is anticipated to be challenging, exciting, interesting and attractive. With 3 compelling rounds, 60 seconds "Starting" of the first round (10-12 questions on general knowledge of moderate difficulty level for each team to answer within 60 seconds, quick question – quick answer), followed by challenges on intelligence, quick-mindedness with obstacles of the second round, "Crossing the ocean of knowledge" (the teams will play crossword puzzle in vertical line with previously informed topic such as PetroVietnam culture...through questions of horizontal line) and finally accelerate in the third round to "Reach intellectual and cultural station" to finish the journey (consisting of 15 questions on general knowledge and understanding of all the fields as stated in the first round and become increasingly difficult. Each question will have 4 answers for the teams to choose. All the teams will answer the question in a certain period of time. It is possible to use star of hope (only 1 time) to create a break for finishing early).


The Organizing Committee also allows the fans of the teams to participate in the competition by consulting the answers during the test or answering questions when the team cannot answer (to receive gift). This helps enhance learning, acquiring knowledge and information before competition, and increase the amount of fans and participants, thus receive disseminated information.


At the end of the competition, the Organizing Committee will select the winning teams to receive Special award, first award (02 nos.), second award (03 nos.) and  third award (06 nos.). 


The officials and members of PetroVietnam Trade Union enthusiastically participated in “PetroVietnam intellectual and cultural journey"!