Thu, 03/11/2016, 02:30 GMT+7
Hearts of Petrovietnam workers towards Central Vietnam people in disasters
As benevolent and sentimental oil and gas workers, we feel great sympathy and sharing with the difficulties and damages which are being faced by the governments and people of some central provinces as results of the last torrential rains.

On 17th October 2016, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (Petrovietnam) deducted 5 billion dong from the fund contributed by PVN officials, employees and workers to jointly support people in Central Vietnam to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives (In particular, the aids of 01 billion dong, 02 billion dong, 1.5 billion dong and 500 million dong will be provided to Quang Ninh Province, Quang Binh Province, Ha Tinh Province and Nghe An Province respectively). All the aids will be sent to the provincial Disaster Relief Committees as soon as possible.


On 18th October 2016, Petrovietnam Labor Union and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group issued a joint circular to mobilize their affiliates and call upon more than 60 thousand oil and gas workers all over the country to subscribe at least one – day wage to support people in disaster areas.


Petrovietnam Chairman of Board of Directors Nguyen Quoc Khanh donated to support people in disaster areas


In the morning of 19th October 2016 in Hanoi, the staff of Petrovietnam and its social political organizations (Labor Union, Youth Union, Veterans Association, and Petroleum Association) held an immediate donation ceremony to support people in disaster areas.


Members of Petrovietnam Board of Directors, Board of Management and Party Committee made contributions to support people affected by floods   


Petrovietnam and Petrovietnam Labor Union have been coordinating closely with localities, affiliates of the Group and PetroVietnam Labor Union to set up relief groups to directly send gifts and daily necessities to miserable people.   



The entire Group’s staff participated in donation to help miserable people overcome difficulties   


From 21st to 22nd October 2016, Petrovietnam working group to support people in Central Vietnam affected by floods was led by Vice President Do Chi Thanh to go visiting, encouraging and providing aids to the provinces and families incurring damages caused by floods in Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Ha Tinh and Nghe An Provinces.       


Joining the working group were Permanent Vice Chairman of PetroVietnam Labor Union Tran Ngoc Dzung, Deputy Head of Petrovietnam Administrative Organization Department Trinh Dzung, and Head of Social Security Department Nguyen Huu Nhat. 


Vice President Do Chi Thanh provided aids to Nghe An Province


In the morning of 21st October 2016, the working group went to Nghe An Province and granted the amount of 500 million dong to the Committee for reception of aids to Nghe An people affected by floods. On behalf of Nghe An Provincial Leadership, Vice Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee – Mr. Dinh Viet Hong expressed sincere thanks to the entire PVN staff for their kind hearts and promised to give the aids promptly to the right subjects.


Vice President Do Chi Thanh provided aids to Ha Tinh Province


In that morning, the working group did also visit Ha Tinh Province and grant the amount of 1.5 billion dong to support people there. The provincial Fatherland Front Committee was authorized to give the aids to those who were really in great difficulties due to consequences of the recent floods in the province.      


"As soon as hearing about the floods violently hitting the North Central Provinces, all the PVN officials and employees voluntarily subscribed at least one – day wage to support people suffering from the flood consequences. We hope the timely assistance will somehow help people there make remedies, overcome difficulties, quickly restore production and stabilize their lives soon", said PVN Vice President Do Chi Thanh.


Chairman of Ha Tinh Provincial Fatherland Front Committee – Tu Van Dien gave faithful thanks Vietnam Oil and Gas Group for supporting and sharing with people in flood areas to help them overcome difficulties. Both material and spiritual cares are motives for Ha Tinh people to early remedy damages and stabilize their lives.  


The provincial Relief Committee will directly make allocations to the affected localities with respect to right purposes and subjects.


Vice President Do Chi Thanh provided aids to Quang Binh Province


In the afternoon of 21st October 2016, the working group arrived in Quang Binh Province and granted 2 billion dong as an additional fund for the province to remedy consequences of the recent historic flood. Vice President Do Chi Thanh expressed a deep sympathy as Quang Binh Province had to suffer from severe damages caused by natural disasters while consequences of marine environment incidents had not completely resolved.    


Mr. Tran Van Tuan, Member of the provincial Standing Party Committee & Chairman of the provincial Fatherland Front Committee gave sincere thanks to staff and employees of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group. He further claimed that attentions and cares from the local government and the Group were great motives for Quang Binh people to overcome such a difficult stage and quickly stabilize their lives. The provincial Fatherland Front Committee and the provincial Relief Committee would implement effectively reviews to early allocate the aids to people in difficulty.    


Vice President Do Chi Thanh provided aids to Quang Tri Province


In the morning of 22nd October 2016, the working group was present in Quang Tri Province to grant an aid of 1 billion dong to Quang Tri Provincial Fatherland Front Committee. It is expected that the fund will partially help people there overcome current difficulties.      


On behalf of Quang Tri Provincial Standing Fatherland Front Committee, Mr. Nguyen Huu Dzung gave sincere thanks to the leaders, officials, staff and workers of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group. He affirmed, the provincial Fatherland Front Committee would deliver the significant amount to the right subjects and for the right purposes through the network of Fatherland Front Committees at all levels who would organize supervising implementation in the localities.  


Over the last years, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group have always been proactive in performing social security work and sharing with the community. From 2010 to date, the Group and its affiliates have implemented many social security activities with the total expenditure of over 3000 billion dong, through assistance in poverty reduction, building of Great Solidarity Houses, schools and hospitals at the localities, and the activities of “repaying the favor” and “showing gratitude” such as: visiting, giving presents and caring Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, families under special treatment polices with significant contributions to the revolution, wounded soldiers and poor people in natural disaster areas; supporting marine executive forces and agencies …     


The tradition that “the leaves protect tattered ones” has still been maintained and further promoted through generations of officials, staff and workers in the oil and gas industry by their charitable activities to raise money or support in-kind to help people in disadvantaged areas overcome difficulties, remedy consequences of natural disasters and floods. 


Dieu Thuan - Hien Anh - Cam Tu