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Training on communication and journalism activities 2016
On 09th December 2016, in Da Nang City, Petrovietnam held a conference on training communication and journalism activities in 2016 with the aim of training skills in writing news and articles, disseminating the basic laws on press as well as the remedies of communications crisis if any.

The conference was run by Mr. Tran Quang Dzung, Petrovietnam Standing Party Committee, Head of Petrovietnam Party Committee’s Propaganda Board. Attending the conference were communications professionals as well as communications and propaganda staff from nearly 30 member units in the Group.   


Mr. Tran Quang Dzung was giving a speech at the conference


In his speech at the training conference, Mr. Tran Quang Dzung stated that at present, the oil and gas industry has important information channels such as: New Energy Newspapers, 2 journals (PetroVietnam Journal and Petrovietnam Trade Union Journal), numerous newsletters, 50 portals and internal websites.... There are more than 200 managers, experts and staff doing event organization and communication activities. The Group has managed, operated and utilized effectively the communications and press networks to strengthen propaganda of the industry’s activities. “It is necessary to continuously strengthen the communications. To attain this goal, the propaganda and communications staff in the Group should improve communications skills, actively exchange experiences with each other and make specific and detailed communications plans in order to perfect and better the communications”.        


Professional Nguyen Hai Duong shared his experiences in writing news and articles  


In that morning, Journal Nguyen Hai Duong, former Member of the Editorial Department of People's Newspaper, Member of New Energy Newspapers’ Editorial Department shared his experiences and skills of writing news and articles for purposes of internal propaganda. The contents of sharing included the knowledge about different journalism categories; the skills to write short news and detailed news; the requirements of writing news ... Furthermore, he also shared his experiences in dealing with conflicting information. "If there is any conflicting information, we should be calm down to handle it. Be proactive in information, be proactive in discussions, not to be caught up in the whirlpool of hot issues or lost in the storm of public opinions ", stressed Journal Nguyen Hai Duong.


Professional Hoang Huu Luong talked about the relationship between journalism and business


Professional Hoang Huu Luong, former Director the Authority of Press, Ministry of Information and Communications, Member of the New Energy Newspapers’ Editorial Department shared his experiences in the methods of establishing and conducting the relationship between business and journalism, including such legal bases and behavior methods as providing regular information in writing, press conferences; providing unexpected information, interview skills in the press ...


PhD. Journal Tran Ba Dzung, Head of Technical Department of Vietnam Journalists Association disseminated the Press Law of 201


Professional Le Quoc Vinh shared his experiences in dealing with communications crisis


PhD. Journal Tran Ba Dzung, Head of Technical Department of Vietnam Journalists Association continued disseminating the Press Law of 2016, especially the new features compared to the old press law. At the end of the morning program, Professional Le Quoc Vinh, Chairman and General Director of Le Group shared useful information about dealing with communications crisis including the principles of dealing with communications crisis, the things to do or not to do. “In my own opinion, it is necessary to make detailed plans and solutions for different cases so that we can deal with any crisis as soon as possible. In particular, the principle of transparency is extremely important”, stated Professional Le Quoc Vinh.


The professionals were having discussions and exchanges with communications staff from affiliates


In the afternoon, the professionals had discussions and exchanges in response to the questions and inquires of the Group’s communications staff in many different aspects of the communications field. The main contents of discussions were the initiative in the communications field; the roadmap and levels of dealing with communications crisis; the nature of communications, the rules and the ways a spokesman gives answers to the press ….


Concluding the training conference, Tran Quang Dzung, Petrovietnam Standing Party Committee, Head of Petrovietnam Party Committee’s Propaganda Boardsaid to the effect that: "To improve the communications, we need to remember and implement the following points. Firstly, with regard to the existing and today published document system, we must consider it as a handbook to have a consistent direction of implementing the communications. Secondly, the websites of all the units should be updated regularly to avoid any outdated news. The units must pay much attention and care to their own websites. The communications activities in 2107 should be upgraded and orientated. Thirdly, the propaganda and communications staff should be more enthusiastic in exchanging with each other the experiences and skills of communications and dealing with the press ". 


In training conference, the Organization Board also conferred a number of awards for the communications activities of the member units. In particular, PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) and Binh Son Refining and PetroChemical Company Limited (BSR) were honored in two categories of awards i.e. the most impressive website and the most professional communications staff.


PVFCCo, BSR and PVU won the award “The most creative website”


VSP, PV Oil and PVCombank won the award “The most impressive publication


The writers Duong Quang Minh (PVC), Hoang Anh Phuong (VSP) and Nguyen Viet Ha (VPI) won the award “The best quality article


PVFCCo and BSR won the award “The most professional PR team"