Thu, 03/11/2016, 02:29 GMT+7
Ca Mau Fertilizer attempts to fulfill production and business plan 2016
2016 is a very difficult year for the agriculture and particularly the fertilizer industry; Droughts and floods have caused significant impacts on the lives and production activities of farmers. As being fully aware of such challenges, PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (PVCFC - Ca Mau Fertilizer Brand) has been implementing multiple solutions to promote the collective strength based on technology platforms, attempt to fulfill production and business plans in 2016 and reach stable growth in further years.

Although the plant has suspended production for 25 days in the last August for maintenance, it still attempted to fulfill the target output of the first 9 months. Moreover, on 06th October, the plant successfully implemented the plan to increase its capacity to 110%. In parallel with increasing capacity, the company has also implemented trading and distribution of other fertilizer products such as DAP and Kali to optimize profitability, enhance added value and comply with its mission of providing nutrition solutions for plants. In the last months of the current year, the company intends to focus on production to meet the demand for winter-spring crop production; as well as distribute nearly 300,000 tons of all kinds in order to maximize the market demand, increasing revenue for the company.


Diverse products of Ca Mau Fertilizer satisfy farmer’s needs


PVCFC has also continuously strengthened investments in research to improve production and to introduce new products to the market, consistent with development orientation of the national agriculture. Besides granulated urea products, N.Humate+Te of Ca Mau Te Fertilizer Brand - Golden Seeds (Hat Ngoc Mua Vang), in the coming time, PVCFC is going to introduce new products with preeminent features to save fertilizers and increase crop yields. 


Accordingly, in the first 9 months, Ca Mau Fertilizer has produced and distributed 570,000 tons of urea, reaching 99% of the set target. The revenue was nearly 3,500 billion, reaching 85% of the set target; the pre-tax profit was nearly 400 billion dong, reaching 98% of the set target. With these results, along with synchronous solutions in business, Ca Mau Fertilizer is confident that it will certainly fulfill the production and distribution plan in 2016.