Mon, 12/12/2016, 09:03 GMT+7
Vietsovpetro welcomed first gas and condensate flow from Thien Ung Field
At 23h30 on 06th December 2016, the Vietnam-Russia Oil and Gas Joint Venture (Vietsovpetro) successfully drilled and opened seams to welcome the first flow of gas and condensate from TU-6 well of BK-TNG platform in the Thien Ung Field, Lot 04-3.

About 540,000 cubic meters of gas and 200 tones of condensate per day are generated from the well. Vietsovpetro has applied the necessary technical solutions to bring gas and condensate to their system in the mainland through Bach Ho Field as soon as possible.


BK-TNG Platform in the Thien Ung Field is a part of Lot 04-3, Nam Con Son Basin in the southeast of Bach Ho Field at a depth of 120 meters under water surface and 270 kilometers far from the shore. The Lot 04-3 was assigned by the Government to the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) and Russia’s AO Zarubezhneft Oil and Gas Company. Vietsovpetro was appointed as the Manager.


Successful perforation of TU-6 Well of BK-TNG Platform in Thien Ung Field


Thien Ung Field was discovered by Vietsovpetro in the early 2009 through the TU-3X test well. After being assessed and evaluated, the field was classified as a small and marginal field. Seeking solutions for development and exploitation of Thien Ung Field is a big challenge in respect of economy, engineering and technology.     


The success of Thien Ung Project following previous successfully completed projects in the region has opened up new opportunities for Vietsovpetro and made significant contributions to sustainable development of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group.