Web, 23/11/2016, 04:57 GMT+7
Executive summary environmental impact assessment for Long Phu 1 thermal power Plant, Viet Nam
This Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was prepared for Long Phu 1 thermal power plant which will be built at the site of an existing power station in Soc Trang province.

Recent years, resulting from the economic renovation, Vietnamese economy has grown strongly. Living standard has been increased. Vietnamese economy has on its way to integrate into the economy of the region and of the world. Electricity demand has also increased along with this process. Statistical data in the Master Plan VI show that during period of 2000-2005, national power output increased 15.3%, from 22,404GWh in 2000 up to 45,603GWh in 2005.


In order to meet the power demand, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has to hasten construction progress of power plants and grids. Further EVN has also had a plan to reasonably balance power capacity at each region, to ensure the reliability of power supply. The development of thermal power plants near the load center has high priority to reduce the transmission of power through a long distance. Thermal power plants should be developed, in which the coal- fired thermal power plants should have high priority to increase the initiative and safety in fuel supply.


Long Phu 1 thermal power plant project is one of three projects of Long Phu - Soc Trang Power Complex.


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