Power Generation
Thu, 21/03/2013, 11:40 GMT+7

Investment in power generation sustains the investment in energy infrastructure, meeting the increasing electricity demand and energizing the economic development of the country. Petrovietnam is investing strongly into power generation and has become the second largest power producer in Vietnam. Despite of being the new business area, with high enthusiasm and responsibility, Petrovietnam has within 10 years completed the construction of 4 high-efficiently combi-cycle gas turbinepower plants, namely Ca Mau 1, Ca Mau 2, Nhon Trach 1 and Nhon Trach 2 with total installation capacity of 2,700MW. Petrovietnam is proud with safety and efficient operation of the said plants, delivering about 45 billion KWh to national power grid.


The current generation capacity of Petrovietnam accounts for around 10-11% of total effective installed capacity of the country. Petrovietnam continues strengthening the Project Management Boards, enhancing the effective operation management, maintenance, repairing and marketing activities. The company is currently undertaking the construction of several other power plants including 5 coal-fired plants of 1,200MWeach, namely Vung Ang 1, Long Phu 1, Thai Binh 2, Quang Trach 1 and Song Hau 1, two hydro-power plants of Hua Na and Dakring and Phu Quy wind power plant. Petrovietnam targets on increasing its generation capacity of 15-20% of total national power generation by 2020, fuelling the economic development of the country.



Plant Capacity (MW) Commenced date of operation
Cà Mau 1 750 3/2008
Cà Mau 2 750 12/2008
Nhơn Trạch 1 450 8/2009
Nhơn Trạch 2 750 10/2011
Phú Quý wind-power 6 8/2012
Nậm Cắt hydro-power 3.2 5/2012




Project Capacity (MW) Lauching date
Vũng Áng 1 thermo-power 1,200 Start: 4/2009; COD (expected): 2014
Long Phú 1 thermo-power 1,200 Start: 01/2011; COD (master plan VII): 2015-2016
Thái Bình 2 thermo-power 1,200 Start: 3/2011; COD (master plan VII): 2014-2015
Quảng Trạch 1 thermo-power 1,200 COD (master plan VII): 2018-2019
Sông Hậu 1 thermo-power 1,200 COD (master plan VII): 2017-2018
Hủa Na hydro-power 180 Start: 3/2008; COD unit 1: 01/2013; COD unit 2: 3/2013
Dakdring hydro-power 125 Start: 12/2010; COD (expected): QIV/2013