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Scientific research & technology development
Petrovietnam is staffed with science-technology employees who have experience in the industry, with training in many foreign countries. It is also equipped with exclusive machinery and software, capable of managing and implementing important science-technology projects in all fields of oil and gas industry as well as providing such services as analysis, experiment, calculation, consultation, etc. to meet production demands.

Since its establishment, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group have always focused on scientific research and technology introduction in its production business fields. Currently, numerous advanced technologies of the world have been selected and successfully applied by Petrovietnam such as in petroleum exploration, production, transport, storage, processing, electricity generation, etc.; Quality of scientific research has been enhanced.


There is increasing proportion of scientific research themes/tasks which are being applied and directly facilitating business and production; Hi-tech transfer and receipt/master in production and business fields have been focused and intensified; Subsidiary companies under the Group have been gradually mastering, operating, maintaining, repairing some high technologies, advanced factories/production lines which are applied with high technologies in production and business of Petrovietnam (Fertilizer plants, oil refineries, electricity plants, etc.)


Entities in charge of scientific research under the Group have been focusing on research and development of science & technology products under the brand name of Petrovietnam, in order to form a petroleum science technology market inside the Group; International cooperation in terms of science and technology in the sector has been intensified and diversified selectively with cooperation priority given to traditional partners in order to enhance the science & technology research capacity for research entities and concentrate in training skilled science and technology officials (MBA & PhD.)


With existing potentials of human force, modern machinery and equipment as well as such expanding international relationships, science & technology activities of the Group shall be in following orientation:


1. Petrovietnam’s viewpoint of Science & technology development

With full comprehension of the science & technology development viewpoint proposed by the “Science & Technology Strategy for Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry by 2015 and vision by 2025,” science & technology development viewpoint of Petrovietnam is that:


•    Science and technology shall be the foundation, and motivation of the industrialization and modernization cause in combination with knowledge-based economy development and enhancement of oil and gas industry’s competitiveness. If so, science and technology must be one step ahead to properly combine applied science and primary research for the sake of production and business, contributing to efficiency of management, operation and production activities of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group;


•    It is necessary to have a specific itinerary for developing science & technology potential, from introduction, improvement of foreign technologies towards creation of Vietnamese technologies in the manner that take shortcut to the world’s advanced technologies;


•    Science & technology potential development must be consistent. Invest in modern equipment; develop highly skilled and qualified technology research and application officials; provide appropriate management mechanism and policies. In each sector, one field shall be selected for development focus. In the selected field, development shall be consistent, balanced and systematic in overall sector;


•    For science & technology development, it needs to maximize internal strength in close combination with international cooperation to make a general strength and strong competitiveness;


•    Science & technology development shall be together with environmental protection and environment to ensure sustainable development.

2. Objectives of science & technology development of Petrovietnam


•    To enhance science & technology potential, production & business efficiency of Petrovietnam, protection of natural resources and environment;


•    To enhance Petrovietnam’s competitiveness in the region and on the world in coming five-year period;


•    Prevent the risk of being lagged in terms of technology as well as scientific research capacity in petroleum exploration and production and stages in mid-/downstream of Petrovietnam behind regional countries;


•    To enhance qualification, quality and efficiency of science & technology research themes and tasks; Closely link Research Institutes, Universities to production & business entities of Petrovietnam; provide sufficient and in-time scientific basis for the Group’s management and operation decision; Invest in research and development of new fields such as mechanical manufacturing for petroleum sector (new building of drilling platform, service ships etc.);


•    Accelerate international integration and cooperation in science & technology activities;  absorb advanced science and technology knowledge of the world and provide policies to attract science & technology human resource from outside to develop Vietnam Petroleum Sector;


•    Develop and form a group of highly qualified and skilled officials, capable of organizing research of science & technology tasks, applying, receiving and mastering modern/advanced technologies at regional and international qualification;


•    Contribute to the success of Petroleum sector development strategy for period 2011-2015 and vision towards 2025.


3. Solutions to implementing above tasks

To fulfill above science and technology objectives and tasks, Petrovietnam needs consistent implementation of some groups of solutions to organization, management, investment for science & technology, training for science & technology officials, etc. which are suitable to the common development strategy of Vietnam Oil and Gas Industry. These solutions include:


•    Elaborate science & technology development-prioritized policies in consistent and comprehensive manner from the highest management level of the Group to leaders of subsidiary companies.


•    Promote technology transfer, renovation and application of advanced/high technologies in oil and gas industry in parallel with developing internal policies in subsidiary companies to master received advanced technologies to gradually come up with next creative technologies after 2015: Be consistent in selecting and applying high/advanced, environment-friendly technologies in operations of the Group; Summarize technology transfer and application in petroleum sector’s operations in order to learn lessons and elaborate itinerary and policies to exploit, master and create technologies; Request subsidiary companies to develop specific feasible policies and itineraries so that the Group will be able to master important modern technologies by the end of 2015 to have total self-control in operation of modern equipment/technological line, self-maintenance and repair of 50% of equipment/production line/factories equipped with modern technologies.


•    Intensify focused investment in science & technology in parallel with renovation of science & technology management mechanism: Be consistent in the policy of intensive investment and focused/non-stretching investment in science & technology; Spend an annual adequate amount from production & business total cost in R&D; Form a science & technology development fund of the Group which is run under the Fund Rule; Renovate and complete the scientific research management mechanism of the Group in the way that develops Science & Technology Development Fund Management Rule to replace the scientific research management rule.


•    Enhance capacity of science & technology officials; focus on training leading officials of science & technology; develop a training system, procedure for science & technology officials. The Group shall develop some Projects/Programs to provide training for science & technology officials in the development period and successfully implement them to create a change in quality of science & technology officials.


•    Continue to renovate science & technology research organization: Stabilize/perfect the science & technology research organization in a simplified manner that streamlines the intermediary apparatus, enhances efficiency and quality of science & technology research and development; Continue to study and finalize the science research organization with consideration of the science technology enterprise model and science technology joint stock enterprise model.


•    Closely integrate research and training, research and application in reality. Place the relation between research and training entity in a long-term and consistent development strategy to maximize the highest efficiency and avoid wastefulness of natural resource and investment.


•    Based on analysis and assessment of current situation of Vietnam oil and gas industry’s science & technology background, result of science research and application and technology development gained in period 2006-2010, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group shall elaborate some solutions to continuous renovation of science & technology management, to create a breakthrough and contribute to the success of the development accelerating objective of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group.


4. International Cooperation in Science-Technology 2013-2014


PetroVietnam (PVN) has cooperated with various international partners, for instance, joint-research with Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOMEC) in CO2/EOR technology, implemented the Memorandum of Understanding with Gazprom, Russia in exploration and production research, manufactured petroleum constructions such as oil tankers, drilling rigs, etc…, cooperated with Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum (JCCP) to operate training courses in downstream technology in Vietnam to enhance capacity of researchers. Moreover, via Vietnam Petroleum Institute (the research-training subsidiary of PVN) to cooperate with GEUS, Denmark in Capacity Development Project (ENRECA) and make assessments of geology and petroleum prospects of sediments in Red River, Phu Khanh and Malay Tho Chu in Vietnam continental margin, together with training activities. At this moment, the project is at phrase III: “Scientific research and Training in modeling sedimentsin the north of Red River and Hanoi trough of Vietnam”, cooperate with Idemitsu, Japan in the program “Application of advanced geochemical technology to study/learn/research petroleum system of sediment in Vietnam – Estimate the amount of CO2 in Red River sediments” to trace the sources of CO2.

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