Tue, 02/04/2013, 02:56 GMT+7

Safety, health and environment are the prime responsibilities of all levels of management and units in performing production and business tasks. Petrovietnam applies every appropriate measure to mitigate or eliminate risks that might affect the health and life of people or damage the property and environment.


To achieve the above targets, Petrovietnam pledges:


1.           To ensure that all activities, products and services of Petrovietnam and its subsidiaries meet the legal provisions and standards on health, safety and environment


2.           To provide the necessary resources, regimes and procedures to establish and maintain the lowest possible level of risks on health, safety and environment


3.           To ensure that emergency responseplan and capacity are developed and maintained to have timely and effective responses in emergency cases


4.           To train its staffs on safety, health and environment issues in accordance with their duties


5.           To conduct regular evaluation and consideration of management and outcomes of safety, health and environment for constant improvement


6.           To give priority to and encourage the application of the latest, energy saving and environment friendly technologies in Petrovietnam and its subsidiaries’ production and business activities


7.           To facilitate the exchange between Petrovietnam and its subsidiaries with the staffs, contractors, clients, suppliers on the improvement of safety, health and environment issues


Petrovietnam requests its staffs to understand and fully observe these policies in all of their activities. Petrovietnam also hopes that its partners’ system of managing safety, health and environment activities will be in line with the above-mentioned policy in order to best perform the works on safety, health and environment in the interest of the community and of each side.