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Inauguration and handover of Tam Dao 05 jackup rig
At 4 pm of 12th August, on the site of PV Shipyard, a ceremony was held for inauguration and handover of Tam Dao 05 jackup rig, officially marked the success of the challenging manufacture process.

Attending the inauguration ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Tan Dzung, former Politburo member, former Prime Minister; Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, member of the Party Central Committee, Vice President; Mr. Trinh Dinh Dzung, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Prime Minister.


khanh thanh va ban giao gian khoan tu nang tam dao 05

The leaders and former leaders of the Party, State and Government attended the ceremony

for inauguration and handover of Tam Dao 05 jackup rig at PV Shipyard rig manufacture site


The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Government Office; Ministries; General Departments, Departments, High Command, Institute; agencies and central associations; representatives of Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People’s Committee; Departments of Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vung Tau City, Ba Ria city and districts in the province of Ba Ria - Vung Tau.


Petrovietnam was represented by the leaders of the Party, Board of Directors, Executive Management Board, leaders of the Group over the periods, heads of Divisions, Administration Office and the Group’s officers directly in charge of the Project; leaders of Petrovietnam’s subsidiaries, Vietsovpetro (Project Empployer) and PV Shipyard (General Contractor).


khanh thanh va ban giao gian khoan tu nang tam dao 05

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dzung gave instruction speech at the ceremony


At the ceremony, Mr. Le Hung, General Director of PV Shipyard had a brief report on the project implementation process. According to the report, Tam Dao 05 rig manufacture commencement ceremony on 25/03/2014 marked the beginning of a national project. After 32 months working with effort, energy and wisdom of PV Shipyard leaders, employees and contractors, going through the complicated steps such as laying Keel, connecting jacket, installing main generator, load-out ... up to now, PV Shipyard has made successful manufacture and organized the ceremony to handover Tam Dao 05 rig.


Tam Dao 05 rig worths US$ 230 million. It is designed according to JU-2000E model of Friede and Goldman (USA) with a volume of 18,000 tons; capable of drilling to 9,000m depth; withstanding the harsh environmental condition, operating safely in extreme storm condition of level 12 upwards. The rig is certified by ABS (USA).


khanh thanh va ban giao gian khoan tu nang tam dao 05

 Representatives of Vietsovpetro and PV Shipyard performed ritual for signing and handover of the project


With huge steel block weighing approximately 13,699 tons and tons of electrical, electrical automation equipment, interior architecture, it can be said that Tam Dao 05 jackup rig is the largest ever to date (1.5 times heavier than Tam Dao 03 rig) that has been successfully made to hand over to Vietsovpetro. It is also the 2nd jackup rig manufactured by PV Shipyard after Tam Dao 03, handed over to Vietsovpetro for putting into successful operation in the past 04 years.


Vietsovpetro General Director Tu Thanh Nghia said that Tam Dao 05 was handed over on schedule would help Vietsovpetro put the rig into operation from October, before rough sea season 2016, thereby increase proactiveness in terms of means and facilities for oil and gas exploration and production at deeper level of water (over 120 meters). It contributes to maintaining maritime sovereignty, strengthening the security and national defense.


khanh thanh va ban giao gian khoan tu nang tam dao 05

Petrovietnam President & CEO Nguyen Vu Truong Son delivered speech at the ceremony


Petrovietnam President & CEO Nguyen Vu Truong Son highly appreciated PV Shipyard staffs for the effort and fulfillment of the task to newly build Tam Dao 05 rig, ensure the quality and schedule. He emphasized that the completion and handover of Tam Dao 05 jackup rig confirmed the will of PV Shipyard staffs and marked the significant progress of petroleum staffs in implementing the strategy for accelerated development, reaching to the sea that has been defined by the Group.


The President & CEO confirmed Petrovietnam was actively completing 5-year plan (2016-2020) to successfully implement the strategy for development of the oil and gas industry by 2025, orientation to 2035, turn PVN into a domestically and internationally competitive, dynamic economic group. To achieve that goal, the Group has placed the trust and paid attention to the field of marine mechanical engineering, specifically monitored and given instructions, created necessary conditions for the units in the industry to develop rapidly and sustainably.


khanh thanh va ban giao gian khoan tu nang tam dao 05

The representatives attended the ceremony performed ritual for inauguration of Tam Dao 05 jackup rig


Speaking at the handover ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dzung praised PV Shipyard employees for the remarkable achievements, fulfillment of the tasks, progress in the field of marine mechanic engineering. Particularly, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the issue of raising localization rate through the projects of the oil and gas drilling rig manufacture industry in Vietnam. High localization rate of Tam Dao 05 project has created momentum to develop heavy industries & the oil and gas supporting industries, considerably saved foreign currency for importing high-tech products from abroad and oriented to exporting these products to the regional and international markets.


The Deputy Prime Minister also called on PV Shipyard employees’ further promotion of solidarity, creativity, striving to overcome difficulties to find new mechanical projects and implement successfully in order to continue asserting the position of the mechanical industry of Vietnam.


khanh thanh va ban giao gian khoan tu nang tam dao 05

Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh performed “Sponsor ritual” for Tam Dao 05 rig


It is possible to say the success of Tam Dao 05 project initially creates basis for building a system of ancillary industries of marine mechanical engineering and shipbuilding - one of the factors to be evaluated critical to successfully implement the maritime economy development strategy of the Party and the Government. The project success also demonstrates the possibility for opening a new field, creates new production capacity for the economy, and creates preconditions for opening new export market when the rig manufacture industry integrates comprehensively and tends to exporting rigs to the regional and international markets.