Human resources
Web, 10/04/2013, 02:36 GMT+7

Training and human resources development (HRD) have been considered as one of its top duties by Petrovietnam. The company has designed and been carrying out a HRD strategy until 2015 and orientation toward 2025 with the application of breakthrough solutions on training and HRD. To attain the goal of reaching the same level of sustainable development at par with other petroleum companies in the region and the world, the staffs of Petrovietnam are being retrained to further build up their capacity on management, profession, skills, foreign languages, IT, etc. at domestic and foreign training facilities.


Taking into account the current state of manpower, production and business of the petroleum industry, Petrovietnam intends to develop a system of training facilities at all levels from technical workers, college and university graduates to post-graduates, with focus given to the professions serving the petroleum activities. This system could be described as per the following chart:


Facility Level / Form of training
Petrovietnam Manpower Training College (PVMTC)

Petroleum professional college

Manpower training for project operation

Training on safety and environment in the petroleum industry

Training for international certificates

Regular training and training for technological transfer

Training of foreign languages and IT

Basic training for beginners in the industry

Petrovietnam University (PVU) Graduation
Post graduate and PhD level training
Regular training and training for beginners of the industry
Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI)/Petroleum Academy

Knowledge updating and advanced training for the petroleum industry

Post graduate and PhD courses attached to business, and productionoriented researches

Training for technological specialists / experts

Training facilities at the subsidiaries Training as per specific demand of the subsidiary