Web, 29/09/2010, 20:49 GMT+7
General Director of Binh Son Refinery Ltd. Co receives CIO ASEAN Awards 2010
Twelve information leaders, consisting of 8 from Vietnam, two from Cambodia and two from Singapore and Philippines received Chief Information Officer Awards 2010.

From 2005, the CIO Award has been initiated by International Data Group Vietnam and acknowledged and honored 44 typical CIOs in multiple fields, in which 21 CIOs are from state management agencies, 23 from enterprises and social organizations, four foreigners and two women.

Since 2010, the initiator decided to widen the award with candidates not only limited in Indochina area but also across ASEAN countries.The number of awards are also increased more than previous years and given new title of CIO ASEAN Awards 2010.According to Mr. Le Thanh Tam – head of ASEAN Awards 2010 organizing board, this is a typical award for the year as Vietnam is assuming Chairmanship of ASEAN. For the first time, the award honors not only Vietnamese and Indochinese CIOS but also CIOs of some countries in ASEAN, including those have developed information technology like Singapore, Philippines, etc.

This year, CIO ASEAN Awards organizing board received nearly 60 nominees from countries in the region, with over 36 nominees from Vietnam. After Vietnam, Cambodia ranks second (11 nominees), Singapore (3 nominees) and Thailand (2nominees). Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Myanmar, etc. has one nominee for each.

After a time of fair evaluation, appraisal, verification, the CIO ASEAN Awards 2010 evaluation council selected twelve most typical CIOs. The only woman who received the award is Ms. Duong Thi Thuy, Deputy General Director, Director of Information Technology Center, VP Bank (Vietnam).

Mr. Dang Manh Pho, Director of Technology Department, Bank of Investment and Development of Cambodia (BIDC) said that if previously CIO was a title for a person who implements decisions from superiors, today, CIO keeps a more important position and is entitled to involve in the policy planning process of entities, both in state agencies and enterprises.

“To some extent, CIO used to keep the role of accelerator to boost applications. However, today we are aware of that they are the persons who guide and orient the entity’s general development. Therefore, the new role of CIO – Orientation and Development was selected for this year topic,” said Mr. Do Trung Ta, Chairman of National Council of Science-Technology Policies, Chairman of CIO ASEAN Awards 2010 evaluation council.

Mr. Nguyen Hoai Giang, General Director of Binh Son Refinery Ltd. Co. –Dung Quat received the typical CIO ASEAN award 2010. This is the only representative from the Central Region. The is the chance for the first oil refinery project in Vietnam, after a long time of ups and downs, to play the role of a first runner among Vietnamese enterprises.