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PV DRILLING: Bravery of the pioneer
For more than 11 years of formation and development, so far the total assets of the PetroVietnam Drilling and Well Services Corporation (PV Drilling) has reached nearly 1 billion USD, of which four offshore rigs, one mainland rig and modern well drilling technical service facilities, nearly 2,000 employees with professional management level, source of highly specialized drilling techniques staff, with 6 subsidiary companies, 6 joint venture and 2 joint stock companies.

The Brand "PVD Drilling" has been confirmed by the honorable domestic and international award. To get above continuous and outstanding achievements it can say that one important factor contributing to this success is the PVD Drilling Culture. This culture is spontaneously built by the people who are always confidential, working tirelessly day and night, making a powerful PV Drilling with its own cultural identity today.


Appreciate training, maintaining and attracting talents


Man is always the factor determining the success of a business, especially in the field of petroleum technique - a specific industry requires deep knowledge in all areas. Grasping this key point, PV Drilling leaders always consider the construction and preservation of resources, particularly preserving and attracting talent is one of the main objectives of PV Drilling development strategy for increasingly towards sustainable growth. PVD Training Establishment (2007), a unit member of PV Drilling specialized in training manpower for Drilling Oil and Gas is one of the steps in the realization of the above objectives of the PV Drilling leaders. Since PVD Training started its operation, PV Drilling can be totally active in workforce training, improving professional skill for employees of the corporation, ensuring all employees are trained continuously, with enough skills and qualifications, professional competence...


Besides training, the personnel policies at PV Drilling are all built according to international standards, respecting the legitimate rights of workers, improving lives of employees and their families, playing a part in encouraging, promoting employees to feel secure to work. These policies, in fact, have contributed an important part to the corporation in the strategy of human resource preservation and development and talent attraction. It is a cultural nice feature built from the early days of PV Drilling until now.


Solidarity and professionalism


PV Drilling cannot be a large and strong team if it merely appreciates the training, development of existing resources, talent preservation and attraction without unity and professionalism of the whole team. The entire staff of the corporation always unites, be unanimous, firm in speciality, wholeheartedly devote to the development of PV Drilling towards orientation of becoming the international class, professional oil and gas drilling contractor. Regardless of which position they are in, whether the workers on the rig or engineers, office staff, the team of PV Drilling employees is always professional, dynamic, creative, creating professional image in all activities of the corporation. Today, when referring to PV Drilling, the customers and partners are always affectionate to dedicate it the words "Professional - Prestige".


That professionalism is reflected in the working style, the flexibility, initiative in handling the situation, creating high efficiency in work. It created prestige of PV Drilling to the customers and partners. As the evidence for this, after decades since it was the precursor PTSC Offshore Drilling up to now, PV still maintains and develops good relationship with the partners who are the prestigious oil and gas services groups in the world. The prestige is also reflected via the stock code " PVD " is always evaluated as "blue - chip" on Vietnam stock market, selected to the invest list by shareholders and investors due to the high liquidity, explicitness in providing information to shareholders, investors and especially from the impressive results of production and business and sustainable development of the corporation .


Proactive, dare to think, dare to do

 Do not mind engaging, do not mind the challenges, be always the pioneers, create their own paths, new roads ... has long been a cultural characteristic of PV Drilling. With the starting point is a small enterprise, PV Drilling leaders boldly set a target for development of human and material resources to supply to the partners, customers such services as: inspecting defect drilling equipment, tapping  equipment, fixing damaged equipment ... which only foreign companies were able to provide the Vietnam market at that time.


Despite encountering difficulties and obstacles in the beginning to convince clients about the capacity and experience of a fledgling Vietnam company first time provides services that were previously provided only by foreign companies, PV Drilling's staffs were, not for that, so frustrated and gave up. They patiently conquered the customer with the services, small orders which the value is not high, but the quality is guaranteed, the process has been followed and the time is shortened. Since then, PV Drilling gradually builds their pretige and customers’ faith, and was voted as the service unit best assessed in Southeast Asia by the customers.


 Be bold in thought, pioneering in action, in 2000, PV Drilling was a pioneer in the marine construction and installation services with contract for extension of Ruby-A, exploration rig of Petronas Carigali,  making the premise for the decision to implement the later drilling investment projects of the corporation. Especially, the year 2005 is the that PV Drilling strongly showed its 'trailblazer' mark in many areas: PV Drilling officially received the decision of the Ministry of Industry on the transformation of operation form into joint stock company, being one of the first members of the Group pioneered the movement of equitization, towards listing the shares "PVD" on Vietnam stock market (2006).


In the same year, PV Drilling officially signed a contract of building a new 90m water versatile self-lifting rig PV DRILLING I, completed the dream to build a drilling company owned, operated and managed by the Vietnamese. Realizing the potential opportunities from rig for rent service, due to big number of rigs from other companies were being obsolete, did not meet the rising demand for drilling, and capturing abroad investment opportunities of Vietnam oil and gas industry, PV Drilling continues to bravely invest more the land rig PVD 11. Thus, although human and material resources were limited, in 3/2007, PV Drilling received self-lifting marine rig PV DRILLING I and in July the same year, PV Drilling continued to receive the land rig PV Drilling 11.


And so, the next new built rigs of PV Drilling such as PV Drilling II, III, specially TAD PV DRILLING V, DRILLING VI (under construction) are all built and received in the same of prompt, "succeeding" context. The marine self-lifting rigs, deep water rigs, land rigs were in use with urgent preparation time are big challenge for a relatively young company as PV Drilling . But not for that PV Drilling did rashly, took the plunge, leaving corollaries due to hurry development.


This is proven via all the rigs owned or hired by PV Drilling reached the ideal running productivity from 94 % to over 98 %. PV Drilling is also the first one brought a high-value asset - land rig PV DRILLING 11 – abroad for operation and gained high efficiency. In Algeria, PV Drilling has made a record for completing the permit application, transportation, installation and commissioning PV DRILLING 11after only 43 days, compared with an average of 3 working months by the foreign companies there.


Particularly, a pioneering element proving the bravery, the will of PV Drilling community is daring to fearlessly implement the strategy of "Vietnamlize" the human resources, let the rig operated by the Vietnamese themselves from the first one. With this strategy, PV Drilling has been very successful in the management and operation of drilling rigs thanks to the strong expertise and high working enthusiasm of all employees of the corporation, asserting PV Drilling capacity in particular and PetroVietnam in general. This has helped PV Drilling, although in small scale (5 rig owned) compared to the perennial companies in the world, gain efficiency in reasonably operating rigs, saving costs, and bringing enormous and long term economic benefits, although it requires wasting much more efforts than hiring the foreign companies.


The pioneer character of PV Drilling is also reflected through the corporate management. PV Drilling leaders with relatively young age are always ready to accept changes, new elements, boldly apply information technology in business management and operation to improve management efficiency, cost savings and increase revenue for the corporation.


At PVD Drilling, the leaders are always open to the junior, always listen to and understand aspiration of employees, even opposite ideas, to further improve the operation apparatus, direct towards the common interests of the corporation. In the services provision, PV Drilling are always also receptive to feedback from partners and customers to troubleshoot, improve service quality as well as to find optimal solutions to bring customers the highest possible quality services. This represents the culture of PV Drilling: always first rank the common interest of the corporation and common interest of partners and customers.


Share with the community


During the process of formation and development, in addition to ceaselessly efforts for the growth, PV Drilling is also conscious for preserving and promoting the national tradition of solidarity, mutual love via community development activities directed to the sustainable development of the corporation. Particularly in recent years, PV Drilling has always spared a huge part of the budget up to 40 billion VND/year for social welfare, community directed activities. Such social welfare activities as building Houses of Gratitude, Houses of Unity, building bridges, schools, health centers, partly financing for Frontier and Islands, funding the heart surgery and smile surgery projects, sponsoring Invalid Nursing Center, supporting “for the poor” Fund, sponsoring scholarships for poor but studious students and pupils, football League for national SOS children's villages, for building SOS children's Village in Thai Binh ... with an aim for a healthy, developed community was continuously and nationwide carried out by the Trade Union, Youth Union and all employees of the corporation. These activities have long been a traditional beauty in PV Drilling culture and increasingly widely promoted with strong support of Petrovietnam.


For more than 11 years of formation and development, especially in the current situation when Vietnam's economy and the world is still difficult and challenging, PV Drilling has reached its shine with steady steps and lightning speed. That proud achievement is the result of understanding the vision, strategy and maintenance of passionate fire, enthusiasm  through the leadership generations from the beginning until now and seems never turn off, showing the bravery, wisdom and culture of PV Drilling in particular and oil and gas industry and in general.