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Vietsovpetro: beautiful symbol of Vietnam – Russia friendship
To date, the Vietnamese – Russian oil and gas joint venture Vietsovpetro is still "big brother" in the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam). Its symbol is Vietnam – Russia friendship, from which a lot of unmixed cultural values of Vietsovpetro are generated in addition to the common cultural values of Petrovietnam. Reporter.

The PetroTimes has an interview with Vietsovpetro Party Committee Secretary Dang Minh Hong on the cultural values ​​of Vietsovpetro that have been built for the past 30 years.


Question: In the history of formation and development of Vietsovpetro, how strong is the resonance of PetroVietnam and Vietsovpetro cultures, sir?


Answer: If the Vietnam Oil and Gas industry has a fire finding journey of over 50 years, it is 30 years for Vietsovpetro. Duringthe period of 1981-1991, the oil and gas industry focused human and effort to build Vietsovpetro. Vietsovpetro itself was driving force of development of the whole industry at that time. Many qualified staffs have grown from Vietsovpetro and become leaders of the industry and other oil and gas units. Culture is created by man. Therefore, we can say that to date PetroVietnam culture is imbued with Vietsovpetro culture and Vietsovpetro culture is imbued with Vietnamese - Russian culture. I would like to quote verbatim statement of the Chairman of Board of Directors Phung Dinh Thuc at the 30th anniversary establishment of the Vietnamese - Russian Joint Venture Vietsovpetro: "Half of the pages in 30-year history of Vietsovpetro are written by the Soviet, Russian colleagues..."


The Party Committee Secretary of Vietnamese – Russian joint venture Vietsovpetro Dang Minh Hong


There are two basic features in petroleum culture. This is a modern industry but very new in Vietnam and is also home to the very elite, educated, intellectual persons, from workers to engineers and the more professional ones. Therefore, despite being formed in a short time, the national petroleum industry is highly developed, on that basis the Vietnamese - Russian Joint Venture Vietsovpetro was born. In addition to the general economic achievements, Vietsovpetro has cultural tradition built over 30 years by the Vietnamese and the Russian. Consequently, many local leaders as well as Russian leaders of the past and present say: "Vietsopetro is beautiful, vivid symbol of Vietnam – Russia friendship".


Question: It's in general, how about in particular, which cultural values ​​of Vietsovpetro do you think is recognizable?


 Answer: We can say Vietsovpetro is a multi-cultural environment. When it was newly established, all processes related to science, technology, engineering difficulties are taken on by the Russian, the majority of Vietnamese engineers was newly graduated then. However, at around the 90s of the twentieth century, we have been master of a number of important technologies. On the narrow rigs of Vietsovpetro, there exists an international labor collective with not only the Russian, Vietnamese but also the Azerbaijan, the Ukraine cultures... but they live together in harmony, solidarity. The success of small works, small groups, and shoulder to shoulder has contributed to the great work, great success with extremely large values ​​for the petroleum industry, for the country. We can say spirit of solidarity, overcoming difficulties, loving one another, willing to overlook the cultural barriers... is one of the prominent characteristics of Vietsovpetro employees.


The evidence for this, I can tell a story of the joint venture in the extremely difficult, stress period of 1986-1987, as exploring oil in the basement. There have been different views at first, but later both sides resolved on the basis of consensus, put the collective above all. Many officials to the Vietnamese side namely Ngo Thuong San, Nguyen Van Duc, Tran Hoi and V.S.Vovk to the Russian side and more others are steadfast in their views and finally succeeded. Thus, Vietsovpetro employees always have confident, leisurely, calm demeanor in front of difficulties and challenges.


Question: Maybe for that reason, for the past more than 3 years, I always have a feeling that they save their words on themselves, just talk about the collective, could you please explain this?


Answer: Yes, it is one of the cultural characteristics of not only Vietsovpetro employees but also petroleum laborers in general. Because in the oil and gas industry, “one swallow does not make a summer”, while this is such an industry of highly intelligent, well trained, specialized collective that is exercised in a harsh and challenging industrial environments.


Question: In this stage, especially after the Inter-governmental Agreement between Vietnam and Russia is renewed, are there more or less changes in the Vietsovpetro culture?


Answer: I think nothing changes because the Vietsovpetro culture is resulted from the past 30-year tradition. Since 2010, Vietsovpetro has achieved remarkable new development, including its success in the deep water construction. Especially since 2011, Vietsovpetro has successfully constructed the exploration rigs in deep water, offshore (100m above the water) for the mines of Dai Hung, Hai Thach, Moc Tinh, asserting the great capacity of Vietsovpetro in the field of marine construction. Concurrently with this stage, the Government boldly allocated to Vietsovpetro the development of new blocks on the continental shelf of Vietnam. At present, in addition to Block 09-1 in the agreement signed between the two sides, Vietsovpetro is also exploring in seven other blocks on Vietnam’s continental shelf under the oil and gas contract.


The Vietnamese - Russian workers on a drilling rig


However, since 2003, Vietsovpetro annual outputs have decreased by over one million tons and according to the technology diagram forecasted before 2008, by 2010, the output is less than 5 million tons from Bach Ho (White Tiger) and Rong (Dragon) mines. However, the fact shows that from 2009 to 2012, thanks to the active promotion of exploration over Block 0-91 and the active putting additional new wells into operation, Vietsovpetro have maintained the output of over 6 million tons in consecutive four years. This is remarkable figures of Vietsovpetro employees who are not discouraged and giving up in such many difficulties.


Besides, during the past 30 years, Vietsovpetro always have good and creative workers with a lot ofachievements, twice awarded Ho Chi Minh Medal and Gold Star Medal by the State. Regarding labor creation, Vietsovpetro is the leading unit of the sector in scientific research, application of new technology and promoting technical innovations, accounting for over 70% of total industry output. Many works have been given not only national but also international awards. The works with application of new science - technology have saved tens of millions of dollars for the unit.


 Question: So, besides the cultural values ​​which contribute greatly to the success of Vietsovpetro, how is Vietsovpetro culture shown in other areas also?



Answer: I must say, Vietsovpetro is where the work of social welfare is well developed. It is called “the pioneer of the industry” in the oil and gas industry for many years. The saying has comprehensive meaning and it is not outdated so far. Vietsovpetro is not only good at production but also where the interference of different cultures of the people working here exists.


Every year, the two governments agree for Vietsovpetro to extract US$ 3 million to do the work of social welfare to build infrastructure at the regions, support the regions facing difficulties with the social welfare projects ... 50% of the said amount is realized in accordance with the general coordination of the Group. In addition, Vietsovpetro employees annually contribute 4-day salary totaling approximately 8-10 billion dong for social welfare funds to support poverty reduction, gratitude, mutual funds of oil and gas industry, the funds to support persons facing difficulties in Vietsovpetro, the funds for younger generation, the funds for the camaraderie and other charity activities.


To take care of the spiritual life for employees, Vietsovpetro has built quite comprehensive cultural institutions like the Center of Culture and Sport Sub-Area II for thousands of employees. The workers returning from the sea have a place to play such sports as volleyball, badminton, table tennis, swimming, tennis. This Center provides service for not only Vietsovpetro employees but also other companies in the industry. Those cultural institutions facilitate the exchanges and learning among people; there are also thematic talks, guiding the household arts and fitness for women...Sub-Area I is for the Russian. Both sub-areas I and II are located in a 5-storey building... Also, every year, the Vietnamese and the Russian have cultural exchanges. Sometimes in sports, regardless of who is the Russian – who is the Vietnamese, such game as tug is most joyful, which unit has many Russian, it surely win. The works on the sea of Vietsovpetro all have one culture room, spaces for playing table tennis, volleyball...


Question: How does Vietsovpetro implement the work of social welfare to the retirees?


Answer:Regime for the retirees or people who have many achievements of devotion to Vietsovpetro has always been concern of the leaders. Since 2008 until now, Vietsovpetro has had a policy of subsidizing half month salary to the employees for each year of work. For example, anyone who works in Vietsovpetro for 30 years is entitled to 15 months’ salary for the final title as retired.



But housing policy for the retirees is not done because the government does not give land for Vietsovpetro’s housing because it is a joint venture. Currently, housing for Vietsovpetro is public house, so we do not have the right to price and sell to the retirees. Obviously the retirees can rent house with a price less than the market’s.


Question: How does it play the role of "big brother" in production and social welfare to other units in the Group, because now there are units under the Group in trouble?


Answer: Yes, during the past years, Vietsovpetro has always played the role of “big brother” in the oil and gas industry, facilitated the support to the units which are facing difficulties. For example, most of the construction works of Vietsopetro are implemented by PVC - IC under PVC; Dung Quat Shipyard is appointed as contractor to repair most of Vietsovpetro ships; and most of the works on the sea and land are insured by PVI ... To support the units in trouble within the Group is to show the philanthropic culture - responsibility of Vietsopetro.


The Russian girls sing folk songs in Vietsovpetro Joint Venture


Right in the search, exploration and exploitation, if Vietsopetro output declines fast, the country's oil and gas industry also faces difficulty. The current relationship between Vietsovpetro and the units in this field is very good, mutual understanding and solidarity. Even though there are stages Vietsovpetro stand alone, there are many fields now Vietsovpetro has to give way to create jobs for other units. However, Vietsovpetro still takes on difficult tasks that require high level of science and technology such as making base in 100m deep water, or experience of manufacturing or repairing drill rigs. Vietsovpetro is misunderstood to be competitive with the others, it is not true. We advocate not competing in the field of technical services with other units within the Group when providing the services outside. It is the responsibility of Vietsovpetro. Where there are issues of competition of orders, work with other units, we adjusted immediately.


With over 30 years of construction and development, we have favorable conditions of the facilities, strong team of laborers. With the above advantages, we should share and transfer to other units within the Group, mutually share difficulties.


Question: Is there any additional factor to Vietsovpetro’s motto compared to the Group's motto, sir?


Answer: During the past years, the core value ​​of Vietsovpetro is the pioneer of the Vietnam Oil and Gas industry and the vivid symbol of Vietnam - Russia friendship. That is the basic characteristic of Vietsovpetro that is unmixed with any other units in the industry. Its mission is to pioneer in the field of search - exploration – exploitation of oil and gas. This may overlap with the PVEP’s mission but Vietsovpetro is still at the forefront, the main unit of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group in this area. On that basis, motto for our activities is Solidarity - Friendship - Professional - Discipline - Compassion - Responsibility. Vietsovpetro’smotto is added with the word "Friendship". In my opinion, "Safety - Firmness" is included in the phrase "Discipline".


Also, taking about Vietsovpetro culture, it is impossible to mention the family culture of many generations working here. At present, there is second generation in the joint venture, i.e children of the Vietnamese and Russian working together. This has made continuous, unbroken tradition of friendship, hereditariness in Vietsovpetro. 


Question: What are the roles of Party Committee, Trade Union, Youth Union, Veterans Association, and Women’s Union... in building Vietsovpetro culture as well as promoting the role, position and strength of oil and gas workers in the development of culture of the unit?


Answer: The Vietnam’s social and political organizations have cooperated closely with the Russian side, particularly the Russian trade union to build Vietsovpetro culture. We continue to uphold the tradition of 2 times hero units with the priceless value created by many generations of international labor collective for more than 30 years. That is the spirit of good work, creative work, discipline, unity and friendship, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility ... The social and political organizations in the Joint Venture have incorporated into their program of activities the mission to build petroleum culture according to the overall criteria of the Group in detailed condition in Vietsovpetro. Under the leadership of the Party Committee, the unions have organized the movement of labor and production, and cultural exchange activities between the labor collective, paid thoughtful attention to each employee, through which the cultural values ​​of Vietsovpetro are promoted and sustained.


Question: Do you think there is a close, complementary link between the "Studying and following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh" during the past time and the construction of "petroleum culture"?


Answer:President Ho Chi Minh is the great man of culture of humanity. Studying and following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh is studying Ho Chi Minh’s culture. In my opinion, criteria of petroleum culture have specified Ho Chi Minh’s ideology of "industriousness, thrift, honesty and righteousness", of "impartiality", loving people, loving humanity... Therefore, studying and following President Ho Chi Minh has had a positive impact on the building of petroleum culture. And the building of petroleum culture itself will make the studying and following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh more efficient and practical.


Reporter: Thank you for the interview.