Sun, 06/10/2013, 10:28 GMT+7
The beauty of "the gem for gold harvest"
"Ca Mau Fertilizer – The gem for gold harvest" is now a familiar, close and close-knit brand name to farmer, especially in the area of Mekong Delta. That success is partly built from the background of petroleum culture, corporate culture of Ca Mau Fertilizer Company Limited (PVCFC) workers in attachment with the core values "Kind - Friendly, Professional - Creative, Responsible - Harmony".

It can be confirmed that to achieve today’s initial success, PVCFC has overcome many challenges in the condition of increasingly fierce competition on fertilizer market. Overcoming the challenges, PVCFC is consistent with the goal of striving to become a leading enterprise in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing and trading of fertilizers and petrochemicals. To achieve this goal, it is the unity, sense of responsibility, the tireless effort of a team of nearly 800 PVCFC staffs, engineers, operational specialists, officers, employees who are each day, each hour building and affirming the value of the brand name "Ca Mau Fertilizer – The gem for gold harvest".

Petroleum culture considers man as the root, and the improvement of human competence as the focus to improve the management of the corporation, making the concept of enterprise value penetrates regimes, policies and step by step to improve and develop the business. So is PVCFC! Right from the first day of operation, PVCFC board of management always determined that petroleum culture, corporate culture has a very important role and position. Therefore, PVCFC proposed core values ​​consistent with the good tradition of the society in general and the field of their production and business. That is ​​"Kind - Friendly, Professional - Creative, Responsible - Harmony".

PVCFC General Director Le Manh Hung awarded scholarship to poor students

The core value ​​of PVCFC is to consider the goal of sustainable development, interest harmony as guideline and standard for all actions. That requires PVCFC to maintain and develop sustainable production and business; invest effectively and selectively; ensure professional and creative working environment, meeting the workers’ lives; guarantee the prestige to the customers, being the trustworthy address of farmers; actively response to and take part in social work, always have strong attachment to the farmers.

Each officer, employee of PVCFC always complies with the basic rules set forth by the company. In addition, through participation in the movement of labor competition, cultural, art, gym and sport activities, the cultural and spiritual life of PVCFC workers has been increasingly advanced.

The Party Committee Secretary, General Director of PVCFC Le Manh Hung said: Besides boosting the concessionary mechanisms and policies, enabling farmers to approach, conveniently use opaque granular urea fertilizer product with the most reasonable price, PVCFC will pay special attention and take care to improve the quality of human resources, because this is the origin, the crucial element to the success and sustainable development of the company.

In the past time, PVCFC concentrated on building company development strategy and strong corporate culture. In which, the strategy of training, supplying specialists to help the operation and production is an important orientation of the company. With a the tidy staffs, in addition to ensuring the continuous operation and stabilization of 100% designed capacity of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant to supply the market over 2,385 tons of nitrogen fertilizer per day, PVCFC also focus on completing the internal training to the engineers and operating workers. Simultaneously, PVCFC also enhances the scientific research activities, actively sets up study plans, organizes the implementation of subjects, technical initiatives, focuses on optimizing production and improving quality products, continuously researches and develops new product to meet the diverse needs of the crops.

In its corporate culture, the long-term development strategy that PVCFC aims at is always parallel to the farmers. According to a survey in the key rice provinces, the ratio of Ca Mau fertilizer used in some areas is very high. This is a very encouraging signal. However, the sales are not the primary goal of PVCFC.

The greatest desire is that Ca Mau Fertilizer will complete its mission of becoming a manufacturer and trading of fertilizers and chemicals on the basis of petrochemical technology, serving the agricultural sector, providing nutrition solution to the plants, contributing to change and develop the  agriculture sustainably, environment friendly, bringing harmony benefits for the investor, customers, employees and the company, at the same time well implement responsibility to the society and community .

Leaders of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant and PVCFC Youth Union gave gifts to pupils at the elementary schools in Khanh An commune, U Minh district, Ca Mau province

And to achieve this goal, since the first time of operation up to now, Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant always ensures operation of 100% capacity, ensures stability of product quality and price to support the farmers to increase production efficiency, contributing to ensure national food security, meeting domestic agricultural production and stabilizing fertilizer prices on the market. With high automatic possibility, system of conveyors for automated shipment, every day the plant can pack and deliver to the customers 3.5-4 thousand tons of urea. This is a very significant work helping to stabilize prices, meeting the supply and demand of fertilizer, primarily in the area of ​​the Mekong Delta, the largest granary and also the largest fertilizer consumption place in the country.

Besides, the beauty of corporate culture of PVCFC is also reflected in the spirit of "Mutual affection", the moral philosophy of "drinking water, remember its source". Every year PVCFC always spare a part of profit and mobilize voluntary contribution from employees in the company to support and participate in social welfare programs. In all regions of the country, especially the provinces in the Mekong Delta, anywhere exists the PVCFC interest and responsibility to the community.

The fact shows that dozens of houses built for policy families, dozens of bridges, hundreds of kilometers of roads, thousands of gifts for overcoming poverty students across the countryside have contributed to significantly change the appearance of the countryside, and the quality of life of people is also significantly improved.

In 2013, PVCFC total value for social welfare is up to 30 billion VND. With a view to do good the social welfare work is to implement well the State and Party guidelines and policies on economic development, together with sharing community responsibility, close to the farmers and the poor, the new roads to be opened, new bridges to be built, new schools to be opened ... are the clearest evidences of "Responsible - Harmony" consciousness of PVCFC to the social welfare.

As for the workers of Ca Mau Fertilizer, after the production shifts making "The gem for gold harvest", every night in the spacious block of flats, many rooms are still late lighted as a large number of staffs, engineers and employees of the company are still taking time for self-learning, self-fostering the expertise, especially foreign language in order to dominate, master knowledge and science, technology. That spirit and attitude of self-discipline, diligence is the specific and practical demonstration for skill and spirit of the petroleum workers "to find the fire", who make ​​the beauty of Ca Mau Fertilizer culture.