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Bravery of the “Captain”
Nearly three years pass, as a leader of the country’s leading economical group, Dr. Do Van Hau, President and CEO of PetroVietnam, has been with his colleagues obtaining remarkable achievements and contributing to the economy in the current difficult period.

Good-hearted and talented businessman


37 years staying with the oil and gas industry of Vietnam, Dr. Do Van Hau devotes all his sprit and heart for the cause of petroleum exploration and production. He leaves a good impression in the soul of colleagues and friends anytime seeing him as a glowing eyes, smart brain, dynamic, thorough and serious working style.


Born and grown up in the root of the industry – Hai Phong city, the studying path of Mr. Hau is regarded as “unique” as he graduated from the most prestigious schools of both West and Socialist systems, i.e. the two famous universities of the Russian Federation including the Lomonosov Moscow State University (1977) and St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (1985). Being discovered talent, he was sent to the course of technical management at the French Institute of Petroleum; got Master's degree at SM University, USA in 1994 as well as Ph.D. Geophysics in 2005.


Particularly, his study was parallel to his important role in the oil and gas industry, from the team leader to director of the companies, including the core enterprises such as PetroVietnam Investment and Development Company (PIDC – now is PetroVietnam Exploration Production Corporation – PVEP).


Bản lĩnh của người “thuyền trưởng”

Petro Vietnam President and CEO Đỗ Văn Hậu (in the middle) at Hai Thach - Moc Tinh drilling rig


In many people's memories, it is impressed with an image of the Leader of geophysical team on Binh Minh ship – the first boat of Vietnam exploring offshore petroleum in the late 70s – early 80s of the last century. Deprivation, hunger, misery and terror threats embedded with them during their seismic surveys on a strip of the East Sea has remarked in the bottom of their hearts until today.


Having comprehensively approached to the development of the science, technology and management in the world, studied and applied into practice, it helped him become a deeply knowledgeable expert in his expertise and have a strategic vision in the research and development.


Who has ever seen a scientist cum business manager leading speeches of professional topics in many foreign languages ​​as Dr. Do Van Hau will easily recognized that it is actually special case.


From 2006 to 2011, the brilliant development period of the oil and gas industry, as the Vice President of PetroVietnam, and PVEP General Director for many years, Mr. Do Van Hau is one of the planners and pioneers in the wide integration process, brings the oil and gas industry of Vietnam to dozens of countries around the world.


It is said that “sow a character, reap a destiny”. During the life searching fire, enthusiasm, strong faith and steadfast qualities helped him and his colleagues have enough bravery and motivation to overcome severe hardships and difficulties in the journey searching, exploring and producing oil and gas.


The desire of many generations of petroleum staff along with Dr. Do Van Hau has gradually become a reality; today’s achievements are from sweat, tears and blood, sacrificed by the youth for a career.


By reaching each site of the most difficult and remote projects in Vietnam and abroad, from the sea to jungle, from the Sahara Desert to nhennhetxkyicy area, he deeply understands the meaning of "Fire proves gold, adversity proves men” and feel the dignity of the success.


Excellent manager


From 2011 to present, on the position of PetroVietnam President and CEO, Dr. Do Van Hau is directly responsible for directing, operating and managing all the business activities of the Group and in charge of: strategy, planning and development plan for the oil and gas industry as well as the state key oil and gas projects; policy on international cooperation and foreign affairs; staffing; business innovation and development as well as financial work.


During the past 3 years, the petroleum staff has witnessed Dr. Do Van Hau tirelessly present in most projects in Vietnam and overseas for different activities: negotiations, conferences; commencement to inauguration; from troubleshooting to situation resolving... His presence is everywhere with wholehearted dedication. Without frills, he possessed scientific intuition and style of going straightly to work, daring to think, daring to do and be responsible, where he goes, he handles the work quickly, decisively and every obstacle seems to be cleared.


Bản lĩnh của người “thuyền trưởng”

Dr. Do Van Hau - President and CEO of PetroVietnam


Workers all feel the warmth of his concern and deep sympathy; managers recognize a mirror of work and selfless dedication. He becomes a strong encouragement of the spirit and energy, arouses a sense of responsibility and duty, and makes change in working behaviors and attitude of many individuals and groups after meeting him.


In the context of so many challenges, with the determination of the whole political system, Dr. Do Van Hau has always been closely and actively with the comrades in the Party Standing Committee, the Board of Directors and Executive Management Board of Petrovietnam to manage and direct the implementation of the tasks set out for the Group with motto as: "drastic, professional, compassionate", "common goals, collective action, integration of modern, accelerated development”.


For the past 3 years, PetroVietnam has always overfulfiled the target, completed ahead of schedule the assigned tasks, and kept contribution of approximately 30% of the total state budget. Total sales of all units within the Group are 2,211.86 trillion VND; total profit before tax is 273.4 trillion VND; contribution to the state budget of 543.2 trillion VND, exceeding 157.36 trillion VND ... The Group has made a record of new business and production, maintaining the position of the pillars of the country's economy and contributing to ensuring energy security, food security and protecting national border on the sea.


Besides, the Group has contributed 1,752.3 billion VND to the social security, reduced cost of over 12 trillion VND. Following to the strategy for development of the oil and gas industry; effectively implementing the enterprise restructure; positively organizing the assessment, planning, transferring and training of staff that comply with the regulations of the Party, the State and of the Group; overcoming difficulties and challenges, also maintaining the pace of business, stable jobs and income for workers.


As one of the pioneers in searching projects, expanding overseas investment; drastically implementing 3 breakthrough solutions (regarding management, science and technology and human resource development), Dr. Do Van Hau was awarded by the Party, the Government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Party Committee of the Central Business Sector, many noble prizes as Labour Medals of three levels; National Emulator as well as many national award and, certificates ... This year, he is awarded the "Vietnam Glory 2014”.


During the past 3 years, by intellectual capacity and admirable qualities, with strong binding force for all members, with innovative solutions and drastic action, the bravery "Captain" Do Van Hau has commanded and steered "the ship" of oil and gas to be firmly overcome the waves and headed to the sea.


Nguyen Tien Dung