Fri, 13/11/2015, 10:08 GMT+7
Leading enterprise of Vietnam gas industry
PV Gas has just celebrated 25th anniversary of its establishment. Over 25 years of striving and growing, with the support and close guidance of the Government, ministries, central sectors and PetroVietnam, PV Gas has turned its dream into reality; become the leading enterprise of Vietnam gas industry, contributed to ensuring national energy and food security as well as socio-economic development.

Currently, there are 16 units under PV Gas operating across the country, attracting thousands of laborers; among them, intellectuals and high-quality laborers who receive intensive training account for a large quantity.



PVGAS has changed into the model of joint-stock company to attract investment, promote the role of laborers as the owner, improve the business efficiency, create the leap in management, enhance international cooperation in order to further develop in domestic market and quickly integrate into the world market.


PV Gas has operated the gas works safely and continuously, over-fulfilled the targets of the years. For many years, it has been one of the leading units of PVN as well as on the Stock Exchange in terms of profitability, providing significant contribution to the national budget and stabilizing national macroeconomics. Annually, PV GAS contributes about 10% to the Group’s revenue and more than 2% to the whole country’s GDP.


Despite facing difficulties due to sharp decline in oil price, PV GAS continued to be the enterprise with desirable business efficiency in 2015. In the second quarter of 2015, PV GAS’s revenue was 15,780 billion dong, its profit after tax was more than 2,600 billion dong, ranked first on Vietnam's stock market in terms of revenue. As of 30th June 2015, PV Gas had 5,686 billion dong in cash, an increase of more than 800 billion dong in six months...


PV GAS is constantly in the top 10 highest taxpayers in Vietnam, top 500 largest Vietnamese enterprises voted by VNR; 50 most valuable companies in Southeast Asia as announced by Nikkei Asia Review; top 2,000 the world’s largest enterprises in 2014 and on top of the list of “50 best listed companies in Vietnam in 2015” voted by Forbes.


PV Gas is also acknowledged as one of the typical enterprises with breakthrough investment, technological innovation, application of advanced science and technology in production, business, technical innovation, environmental protection…


Prominently, the movement of invention and initiatives in PV GAS developed very strongly. During the period of 2010 - 2015, PV Gas has reviewed and accredited 409 technical innovations with benefit amount of over 800 billion dong (excluding the innovations not converted into specific benefit value). Typically, Vung Tau Gas Processing Company with 103 initiatives and benefit amount of 161 billion dong; Nam Con Son gas pipeline company with 25 initiatives and benefit amount of 478 billion dong; Ca Mau Gas Corporation with 43 initiatives, Southeast Gas Transportation Company with 29 initiatives have benefited each unit 54 billion dong; PV Gas Services with 53 initiatives has benefited it 19.5 billion dong.


Together with the business efficiency, PV Gas also has impressive contributions to social welfare that make it deserve the title of community enterprise. Every year, PV Gas contributes averagely 100 billion dong to the social welfare program in the whole country. From 2005 until end of 2014, the total amount for social welfare spent by PV Gas was more than 622 billion dong.


Recognizing PVGAS’s contribution to the national economy and society, the Party, State, Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade, PVN and local sectors have honored the Corporation with many noble titles, of which the noblest one is second-class Independence Medal.


Currently, PVGAS is having new opportunities from the demand for energy of the developing economy. It is also facing new challenges of the trends for sustainable development, enhancement of business efficiency and competitiveness in front of integration requirements.


PV GAS’s orientation is to develop into strong gas business with high competitiveness, fully operate in all stages: collection, import, export, transport, processing, deep processing, storage and services, gas and gas product business, engage in upstream investment activities, continue to play the leading role in Vietnam gas industry, participate in the international market; continue efforts in sustainable development, be competitive enough and equally integrate into the regional and global playgrounds.